2013 Greetings from Windsors' Christmas Trees

Love and blessings to all of you, our Christmas tree friends!!

It has been a busy year for both families.  To quote Charles Dickens, Tale of two cities: “it was the best of times and the worst of times”

First the worst, and then the BEST

January, February, March:  Preparing for defending ourselves in trial. Snow storm, trial postponed.

July: Three day trial. Hard days. We are still not done. Possible big changes.

And “the best of times”

February:  New Great Grandson/Grandson Seth is born to Mel and Arvid.

April-May: Trip to Branson MO with retired Forest Service buddies. Then a trip to Washington DC with son Paul and wife, to see grandson, Josh, who's working for DOD in computer security. And finally off to Grand Junction for grand daughter Sarah's college graduation. (DC special highlight for John, Korean vet, to see the Korean Memorial, reliving that time in his life.  Peggy and Jerry had a great trip to Haiti.  The team there finished a roof that was a 3 year project.  Check it out.

June: Recuperation.  Peggy had very successful tarsal tunnel surgery on one leg and then the other leg in August.  She has had a HUGE reduction in neuropathy.

July to September: Gardening, mowing fast-growing grass among the trees, making compost,

September to October: Selecting trees for sale, pricing, tagging, blowing out large/drought caused needle cast.  Peggy and Jerry, mostly Peggy, get to take care of the youngest grand daughter Katherine, Amanda and Jon's daughter, for 3 weeks.  She was great, and Grandma had a wonderful time.

November: Getting things ready for YOU, our treasured customers, to come and have a great FAMILY CHRISTMAS TIME at the farm.  Jerry had a chance to go to Haiti again to check out a road repair project, 15 miles, and help with a pastors leadership conference for 300 pastors and church leaders.  It was a great trip.

Yes, we have been blessed by the “best of times”

Again Love and blessings to all of you from John, Janice, Jerry and Peggy