Ma and Pa Windsor

The Windsors' of the Tree Farm

John and Janice Windsor Welcome you to Windsors' Christmas Tree Farm

John worked for the forest service for many years, and so when he was getting ready to retire Janice said you have to have something to do that will get you out from under foot.  John had grown trees for the USFS and had wanted to grow Christmas trees.  So in 1980 they sold the sheep and planted the first tree.  John has been able to stay out from under foot in the house.

Janice has always wanted to help people enjoy life, so she has been contributing to helping many families establish a family tradition of coming to the tree farm and get their tree.

For both John and Janice the Christmas season has become very special.  It is not only a time to celebrate the birth of the savior Jesus Christ, but it is a time to catch up with many families for another year.

So feel free to come to the farm, introduce yourself to John and Janice, find a tree, take a hayride, and start your own family tradition.