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Windsors' Christmas Tree Farm

We will not be open for tree cutting this year, 2019.

We will still have all the wonderful creations that the ladies make.

Wreath, Center Pieces, Wall Hangings, Baskets, etc.......

The spring of 2008 we were hit very hard by a 1/2 mile wide tornado.

Following that we, John and Janice, took stock of where we were and decide what we were going to do in the future.

The decision was made to move from being a Christmas tree farm to a place

folks could see how trees native to Colorado grow in the front range.

So for the past 10 years we have only been planting and managing trees that will be growing for many years.

Here are a few other places to find Christmas trees.

Rist Canyon Christmas Trees - Map

Tamlin's Trees - Map - Tamlin Business

Eaton Grove

US Forest Service

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